Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Metalist 1925

Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Metalist 1925

- First of all I would like to say the following. This is the third year of full-scale russian aggression which lasts 10 years although. The aggressor country is destroying our cities, killing our citizens. I want to thank our defenders for what they’re doing, for the opportunity to play football. Football in our country exists due to our defenders.

- This was the first game for Taras Mykhavko. What do you think of his performance? Was that his individual mistake?

- Taras has bright future and demonstrates great dedication. He’s a young player and we all support him. Everyone makes mistakes. I think it was a good game for Taras. The ball just slipped under his foot, that happens. We could do better in that episode anyway, so it’s a common responsibility.

- Obolon will play their game in front of supporters tomorrow. What’s being done so that Dynamo could do it as well?

- Officially we were visitors today. I know that the club is communicating with city administration to solve this issue.

- Those were two different halves by Dynamo today. What did you tell your team after the first one to cheer them up?

- We had pretty good scoring chances in the first half as well. We knew what kind of football our opponent would play and applied pressure. We totally knew that at some point we would succeed.

Before the second half we emphasized that our players were doing fine, but should play a bit faster. It’s difficult to start a game with such presents we made for Metalist 1925, but one should give credit to Viktor Skrypnyk’s team. They play interesting football.

- When will Tymchyk and Yarmolenko be ready to play?

- Yarmolenko started training, but at this point he had to make a break. Tymchyk also starts working with the team. Unfortunately, Malysh will be out for a few months as he’s had a surgery. Bilovar, who had a concussion, will get back to work next week.

- You’ve played two games against Metalist 1925 within two and a half months and won both 4:2. Which team was more difficult to oppose – Oleh Holodiuk’s or Viktor Skrypnyk’s?

- I guess what really matters is that we won both matches. First games after winter break are always difficult as you don’t really know what to expect from your opponents. We focused on our actions knowing the style of Viktor Skrypnyk’s teams. I think we got ready properly.

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