Press conference of Oleksandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Mynai

Press conference of Oleksandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Mynai

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Oleksandr Shovkovskyi answered journalists’ questions after the game against FC Mynai.

- Congratulations to Dynamo fans. Finally we played this game. It was quite unusual one. Ass you know, Voloshyn was sent off in the previous match – against Oleksandria – but as far today we continued the game we started in December he was allowed to play.

Besides, according to regulations, players who started the match in December, were supposed to start today, otherwise they couldn’t be on the squad list at all. That’s why we gave a chance to those who skipped a lot. No matter what we realize that each game is like a final to us.

- Why was Brazhko absent?

- In Oleksandria I mentioned there’s probably a kind of infection in the team. Neshcheret got sick after LNZ, Syrota – before the game against Oleksandria while Brazhko – after that match.

- It’s been a while since Karavayev took the field. Is there any particular reason?

- We’ve got 24 outfield players and 4 goalkeepers. At the moment Oleksandr isn’t quite doing the job we want him to, but we count on him. I considered letting him play today, but unless Tymchyk started he couldn’t be on the squad list at all.

- You grabbed your head when Bushchan went wide of the goal with as the score was 2:1 and performed the functions of the center back. What were your thoughts?

- I think our center back should have done better in that episode. We could simply make a gift for our opponents. That’s why I reacted that way.

- The second half of the game against LNZ was tough for Dynamo. The same thing happened today. How come?

- I’ve already asked myself that. In the first half we dominated and scored twice although could score even more. The way we performed in the second half is not the way Dynamo should play.

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