Serhiy REBROV: “This victory is important to players first of all”

Serhiy REBROV: “This victory is important to players first of all”

- Don’t you think it was one of the best games for Derlis Gonzalez? He performed two assists and became the man of the match…

- That’s what we signed him for. Every player needs time. Do you remember how much time it took Andriy Yarmolenko to become who he is now? We believe in Gonzalez. He’s demonstrated his best qualities and helped the team today.

- What’s wrong with Harmash?

- Two weeks ago he picked up an injury, so he couldn’t take the field today.

- Has the team fulfilled your game plan?

- They have, considering that we’ve won. It’s not only about the game plan. It’s supposed to make things easier for players on the field, but we have really high profile performers, so we just help them. I guess they’ve used some tips. This victory is important to players first of all. We’ve talking about spectacular victory, but the game was really difficult. The air is very damp which is exhausting. Still they kept working and they’ve deserved this win.

- Did Maccabi look the way you expected?

- We expected their lineup to be a bit different, but one of their midfielders picked up and injury. Ben Haim II wasn’t among first eleven. I think he’s a very good forward. He made substitute appearance in the first half and demonstrated really good speed. Anyway Maccabi haven’t surprised us. We tried to dispossess them and control the game. I think after the break we did that. We doubled the score and had more chances.

- Considering Maccabi squad they were beware of you…

- I don’t think it was defensive squad. The player that opposed Yarmolenko is quite fast. After Ben Haim II took the field Maccabi had good counterattacks and finished some of them. Besides 15-20 minutes of the first half were difficult for us as home side seized the initiative.

- Antunes as halfback… Is that some experiment?
I just saw that Antunes wasn’t too exhausted. Vida knows how to play as left back. I have no claims to Antunes. He performed worthily as halfback. We made such a substitution to defend orderly.

- What can you say about Olexandr Shovkovskyi’s play?

- We’ve preserved the clean sheet, so I don’t think there were problems about his play.

* photo by A. Kutsan

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