Serhiy REBROV: “It’s very important not to let Maccabi use fast counterattacks”

Serhiy REBROV: “It’s very important not to let Maccabi use fast counterattacks”

- Four years ago speaking about Maccabi you said their play looks like futsal. What do you think now? How has this team changed?

- Back then I meant that they mostly use short passes. Today Maccabi are different team. They outplayed worthy opponents in the Champions League qualification. They have high profile performers.

- Commenting upon Porto play you stated that no matter what performers leave the team their game structure doesn’t change. Can the same be said about Maccabi? Can Dynamo change game model on the spot considering what happens on the field?

- I think we can do that. Even last season we demonstrated that. Porto have such performers on the bench that when they make substitute appearances the team play doesn’t change. I guess the same can’t be said about Maccabi. Still they have serious core of the team. It’s difficult for me to say whether Maccabi can change. Considering their matches I’ve watched they are orderly team with good attacking players. It’s very important not to let Maccabi use fast counterattacks.

- Does the fact that Shovkovskyi has come to press conference mean he’ll take he field tomorrow? Maybe you don’t believe in Rybka after his mistake in the match against Porto?

- Shovkovskyi is at the press conference because he deserves that. He is Dynamo symbol. We have one more day to decide who’ll take the field. As for Rybka, it was the mistake of our whole team.

- Two weeks ago Harmash demonstrated really worthy play. His teammates didn’t look so impressively. Shall we see more balanced actions of the team tomorrow?

- Denys played really well, but one must take into account that it was our start in the Champions League. Every player was anxious. I think we looked worthily. I don’t want to recall that game. We’ve analyzed it already.

- Harmash has stated there’s 50% chance of his appearance tomorrow. What can you say?

- I count on him. We’ll follow him at the training session. Anyway we have fierce competition for starting spot among midfielders. I don’t think it’s a problem if one player can’t take the field. Yarmolenko missed the game against Porto. It was a serious loss for us, but we coped with that.

- Is Sydorchuk in his perfect shape already?

- He missed only one week due to injury that wasn’t too serious.

- Opposing Maccabi Chelsea players rushed into the penalty area rapidly and made Israeli side foul a lot. Have you paid attention to that?

- You’re right. We’ve analyzed a lot of matches and pointed out Maccabi strengths and weaknesses. One must always rush into the penalty area. How else can we score?

- Are there Maccabi players you’d like to have in your team?

- I like forward Zahavi. He scores, assists and works a lot. Still I’m not sure I want Dynamo to have him.

- Can draw be satisfactory outcome for you tomorrow?

- That depends upon what happens on the field. We counted on victory against Porto, but conceded 10 minutes before the time, so we were glad to play in a draw. Anyway we’ll do our best to win.

* A. Kutsan

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