Serhiy RYBALKA: “I hope fans liked our play”

Serhiy RYBALKA: “I hope fans liked our play”

- Is draw positive result considering chances Chelsea had?

- Our only aim was victory. In some episodes we were lucky and in some Chelsea were. They will be more games and we’ll get ready for them.

- It seemed the team was nervous early in the first half.

- We weren’t nervous. The thing is Chelsea have really skillful performers. Hazard hit the post, besides Chelsea can use set pieces effectively. Anyway I hope fans liked our play.

- You missed the game against Shakhtar. Have you recovered already?

- Not really. My leg still hurts a bit. I didn’t train for five days before this game.

- Do you agree that it was one of the best games of the season for Yevhen Khacheridi? He opposed Costa really well.

- Costa could hardly do anything because of Khacheridi. Vida also performed really well.

 It was a good game for our defense.

- Will there be similar game in London?

- We are still to play several domestic competitions matches before the game in London. Anyway we’ll get up for away fixture against Chelsea properly. The match in Kyiv has proved how important it is to control the ball opposing such teams.

- Could you assume Chelsea would keep the lower profile?

- We didn’t think about the way they would play. Victory was our goal. We were going to apply pressure and I think we did that.

* photo by A. Kutsan

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