The string of failures goes on

The string of failures goes on

After succumbing to Tavriya 0-2 in a domestic Cup quarter-final first leg, Dynamo are now charged with the uphill task of winning convincingly this Saturday in the second leg.

Before Jokšas headed in the ball after receiving a least tricky flank cross and gave his team a lead mid-way through the first half, the host could have scored twice. After misunderstanding between Rybka and Vashcuk, Kovpak failed to react promptly. Then, Rybka deflected Holayda’s shot.

Dynamo’s response was not inventive. After Gavrančić hit the bar, Husyev was the first to net the rebound but the goal was ruled offside. Shatskikh missed the target from close range, with the mishap enhanced further by Belkevich’s failure to net in a corner.

The White-Blues seized the second-half initiative and went on to create plenty of scoring chances. Shatskikh volleyed a dangerous header, Bangoura hit the bar. Rotan came closest to leveling the score, but his goal was ruled offside because of Shatskikh’s “foul”.

There was one thing Dynamo appeared to forget. It is goals, but not scoring moments, that count in the game of soccer. The Crimeans remembered the rule well and doubled their lead through substitute Zborovskyy in the injury time.

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