“Ukrainian day” for Dynamo in Köln and friendly against Schalke 04 U16

“Ukrainian day” for Dynamo in Köln and friendly against Schalke 04 U16

On Saturday, November 19, Dynamo academy U16 team played another friendly in Köln. This time they faced Schalke 04.

This game was special for the White-Blues as this was the only match our guys played as home side. On this, it was decided to arrange a true feast called “Ukrainian day” at the training ground of Ford Niehl football club, where Kyivans have been practicing for over three months already. They invited Ukrainians, who moved to Köln because of war, so that the boys could finally feel the home atmosphere.

A lot of Ukrainians came with flags and other national symbols and supported players in native language throughout the game. Generally it was a great football feast that even included Ukrainian borshch and pancakes. Guests liked that kind of food a lot.

This all became possible due to Ford Niehl President Gert Nettesheim, who provided Kyivans with the field, kitchen and facilitated everything Ukrainians needed. Another person to participate actively in feast preparations was the chairman of Ukrainehilfe Salchendor charity organization and the head of Dynamo first fan-club Yuriy Dulenchuk, who got treats and presents for U15 and U16 teams’ players. “Blue-yellow cross” organization also brought treats for guests.

As for the game itself, it consisted of 2 halves, 40 minutes each. Kyivans lost 1:3. The match was quite emotional and interesting.

Supported by their fans, Dynamo rushed forward early in the game and created a lot of chances. Still German side turned their only opportunity in the first part of the first half into goal. Their player headed the ball in after cross from the right side. 10 minutes later, Schalke increased the lead.

Right before the break, goalkeeper parried the strike by Redushko, but Rybak was the first with a follow-up – 1:2.

In the second half there was a lot of scrimmage on the field. Dynamo demonstrated decent football, but failed to score more while Schalke made it 1:3 six minutes before the time, after defenders’ mistake.


Dynamo U16 – Schalke 04 U16 – 1:3 (1:2)

Goals: Rybak (39) – (20), (31), (74).

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