Viktor Tsyhankov: “Every game is a battle to us”

Viktor Tsyhankov: “Every game is a battle to us”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger Viktor Tsyhankov took part in the press conference the day before the Europa League group stage matchday 3 game against Rennais.

- Four years ago Dynamo faced Rennais in the Europa League, succeeded both times and won the group. Do you remember those games? Do you think two matches against Rennais will be decisive this time?

- Back then I played in Kyiv, but not in Rennes. Rennais are really good team. Opponents don’t forgive mistakes at this level. We’ll aim only for victory. We have tough situation, but these two games can change that.

- What will the upcoming game be like, in your opinion?

- As I’ve said, we’ll aim for victory. We don’t have a choice.

- Which Rennais player is the biggest threat?

­- All Rennais young players are skillful, fast and aggressive. Ligue 1 is a completely different level comparing with the Ukrainian Premier League. But we play for our country and our warriors, so every game is a battle to us.

- Is a Europa League game an important event for Ukraine?

- Sure! Our defenders like football and watch our matches. If we win, this will bring joy to them and all Ukrainian people.

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