Vladyslav Vanat: “Goal against Kryvbas is the most memorable”

Vladyslav Vanat: “Goal against Kryvbas is the most memorable”

After the game against FC Metalist Kharkiv, FC Dynamo Kyiv players’ vacation started. We’ve summarized the first part of the season together with our forward Vladyslav Vanat:

- This is the first time all teams of our country played during the war. Did you feel the mental pressure?

­ - Sure. We tried to avoid thinking of what might happen, but of course we always remember the war is on in our country. Fortunately, we faced only one air raid – as we played against Rukh.

We had to move a lot which influenced us, but we had to deal with that. Our coach mentioned that often and I agree with him.

- Dynamo are third in the league table after the first round. What do you think of that?

- We started the season very poorly and did better only after return to Ukraine. I don’t know what this is about. Maybe, about psychological issues. Anyway, we didn’t play our football.

- Did you expect Dnipro-1 to be the leaders?

- Even before the season started I thought they would be at list among top three as they have really good team. So, it’s not a surprise.

- This season you are the first team regular with 13 appearances out of 15. Do you feel additional pressure?

- There’s always pressure in football, but I’m positive about that. I want to take the field, score and benefit the team. Sometimes it’s hard to make substitute appearances, but I’m getting used to it. Experienced teammates help me.

- Do you often talk to the head coach?

- I do. Lucescu often tells me what I can improve. That helps me a lot. I try to do everything he tells me to.

- Dynamo scored 24 goals in 15 matches which isn’t the best possible result.

- That’s true, we don’t score a lot this season. I guess many teams already know how to oppose us, so we need to invent something new.

- You’ve scored 5 goals in the UPL. Which one is the most memorable?

- I guess the goal against Kryvbas. Sydorchuk passed to me, I eluded the defender and hit the upper V with my right.