Vladyslav Vanat: “Things worked out, so we won confidently”

Vladyslav Vanat: “Things worked out, so we won confidently”

FC Dynamo Kyiv forward Vladyslav Vanat has commented upon the win against FC Polissia Zhytomyr (3:0) in the UPL matchday 25 game.

- We’re feeling really positive as we really wanted to beat this team and we did it.

- Did you want to gain revenge for the first round defeat?

- Of course we did. We were totally motivated. Things worked out, so we won confidently.

- Could you please tell about the goal you scored?

- I saw Yarmolenko had the ball and as far as I know his ability to perform a brilliant pass, I rushed into space. I got the ball and sent it past the keeper.

- The team was criticized quite a lot after the game against Mynai. Probably that won’t be the case today?

- I guess there’s always going to be some criticism as there’re no perfect games, but I think we did a good job today.

- Was it easier to play after Polissia got outnumbered?

- Basically we maintained the same rhythm throughout the game, so I don’t think the red card had an impact on our game.

- Was this game against Polissia easier that the one in the first round?

- Today we were really focused and things were quite easy. We should do this in every game.

- What do you expect of the upcoming game against Dnipro-1?

- We’ll be getting ready properly to win.

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