Vladyslav Vanat: “Goalkeeper was smarter than me”

Vladyslav Vanat: “Goalkeeper was smarter than me”

FC Dynamo Kyiv forward Vladyslav Vanat has shared his impressions of the Europa League group stage matchday 6 game against Fenerbahce SK (0:2).

- You started the game pretty well by applying decent pressure. Did you aim for the early opener?

- We were supposed to apply pressure and use space behind opponents’ backs. In the second half we did better, but still failed.

- What did you lack to succeed today?

- We conceded twice in the first half. At first our players made a mistake and then the player I was supposed to mark scored. I want to apologize to my teammates for that.

- This is your first season on such level. What have you learned from this experience?

- I need to work as much as possible and use every opportunity, even if I have one per match.

- How come you didn’t score in one-on-one situation?

- We analyzed this goalkeeper’s style. He rushed forward, but didn’t fall and it was really hard to score. He was smarter than me in that episode.