Volodymyr Brazhko: “I had a bad disease, but now I’m fine”

Volodymyr Brazhko: “I had a bad disease, but now I’m fine”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Volodymyr Brazhko has told about his recovery after sickness:

- Fans are wondering where Volodymyr Brazhko is. What happened?

- I was sick. It was quite a bad disease with high fever and I didn’t get out of bed for five days. There were some complications with my nose, so I skipped some time. But now I’m fine and I keep practicing. I really missed the team and football.

- It seems you’re in a good mood.

- Sure. As I’ve said, I missed a lot.

- When will you be able to play?

- I hope in the next game. It’s up to the coach, we’ll see.

- How tough is it to watch Dynamo games without being able to participate?

- I was really nervous. When I take the field I don’t feel so nervous as I know I can help the team. Anyway, guys did a good job and won two games.

- Did you want to advise your teammates anything?

- We have experienced players and coaches for that. I’m glad the team won those important matches.

- Some media call you Ukrainian Jude Bellingham. What do you think of that?

- (Smiling) Please, don’t call me that. I’m Volodymyr Brazhko.

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