Volodymyr Brazhko: “I should work even better and grab my chance”

Volodymyr Brazhko: “I should work even better and grab my chance”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Volodymyr Brazhko has participated in Ukraine national team autograph session and answered the club media questions:

- Have you had enough rest in your native Zaporizhzhia?

- I’ve had some good rest. It had been two years since I was in Zaporizhzhia last time. Now I’m looking forward to the first training session.

- This is your second call-up to the national team. You used to play for the youth team before. Are you ready for such a leap?

- Sure, I was working for this. But now I should work even better and grab my chance. I’m waiting for the Euro.

- This will be your first contest of such a scale. How’re you getting ready mentally?

- I don’t really think of importance of those games. If you’re anxious, you need to calm yourself down. We’ve just started training. It’s too soon to be anxious.

- Experts say you can be Ukraine first team regular. Are your ready for that?

- We’ll see. It’s up to the coach and my readiness. Of course I want to play.

- How do you feel being at the national team camp? Have you been through any traditions already?

- Not yet, maybe guys will think of something at the Euro. I’m ready to sing if I need to (smiling). It’s a tradition.

- Are there players on the national team you hadn’t known before? How did they greet you?

- Very warmly. I’ve got acquainted with everyone, we’ve found a common ground.

- How does it feel signing autographs as Ukraine national team player?

- It’s great. It’s really nice to see happy boys and girls. I want to thank everyone for coming.

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