Yuriy Semin: We need to work on our tactics

Yuriy Semin: We need to work on our tactics

Dynamo head coach talks to www.fcdynamo.kiev.ua and to the Dynamo TV group and summarizes the team’s last winter training session in Spain

- Generally, I am content with the way the training run in Spain went. Firstly, we were offered excellent training and playing conditions. Secondly, we had decent opponents in our warm-up matches. Finally, the players were hard at work. The only harrowing thing is Rebrov’s injury and I am hopeful he will have recovered by the time the league resumes.

We had the games I liked and the games in which we could have done better, like in the last friendly vs. Bohemians despite our 2-1 victory. The guys were worn out and I failed to notice any “freshness”. This, however, was set off by their commitment, which helped them to grasp a last-minute victory.

- You took 30 footballers for the Marbella training camp. Did a large number of players influence the training process?

- I believe it is a good number, including 4 goalkeepers. As we had two line-ups in nearly all our matches, everyone spent enough time on the pitch. We now obtain the information on each player, on their fitness conditions.

- Each goalkeeper received a chance to feature in the demonstration games. How do you assess their conditions?

- The forthcoming matches will give a more precise assessment than me. I can only add all the four did a good job, which is bound to yield results in the future.

- Have you decided which footballers will make up the first team squad in spring?

- Yes. About 18-20 players will appear for the first team squad. The rest will gain experience while playing for the reserves team and for our second string.

- Did the youngsters meet your expectations?

- At the moment, it would be a wrong thing to say something for sure. All players have their lows and highs. Some guys were not as good in Spain as they were in Israel. When we get back to our usual course of training, I think they will do better.

- What about newcomers Khacheridi and Hodzyur?

- Both are very committed and talented. What they need is more game experience. They will obtain in the reserves team in order to grow professionally. Playing for reserves seems to be the best solution for now.

- Looking back, which training session was more successful, the one in Israel or the one in Spain?

- In my viewpoint, we did a good job at both mid-season training sessions.

- Will the victory at the Channel One Cup be a good psychological stimulus when racing for the Ukrainian league titles?

- Any victory, be it the one in training or in the game of tennis ball, contributes to a cheerful mood and helps to keep the winning rhythm. Yet, the Israel triumph has been forgotten. It is a thing of the past and we need new victories now. What we need to work on is our tactics and also we must not waste so many scoring chances in the game.


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