We must ensure that Russia does not have any success in the aggression against Ukraine - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Unbreakable people of the bravest country!

All our defenders!

Today, the 85th day of our defense, will be remembered for sure.

I am grateful to the United States for approving a new $ 40 billion package of support for Ukraine and democracy in our region. Today, this package was passed by the US Senate. It is a manifestation of strong leadership and a necessary contribution to our common defense of freedom.

A meeting of finance ministers, heads of G7 central banks and representatives of international donors also took place in Germany.

I always say frankly: the monthly budget deficit in Ukraine now is $ 5 billion. And to endure the war for freedom, we need quick and sufficient financial support.

And it's not just expenditures or a gift from partners. This is their contribution to their own security.

Because the defense of Ukraine also means their defense from new wars and crises that Russia may provoke. If it succeeds in the war against Ukraine. That is why we must all work together to ensure that there is no success for Russia in its aggression against our state. Neither military, nor economic, nor any other.

20.05.2022, 00:55
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