Those who advise Ukraine to give away territory to Russia do not want to see ordinary Ukrainians living there - address by President


All our defenders!

I started this day by talking to the participants of the Ukrainian Breakfast, which took place within the Davos Forum. I want to say something about why I take part in such events, and what others are saying, particularly in Davos this year.

The world turned out not to be ready for Ukrainian bravery. For the bravery of all our people who are not inferior to Russia and continue to defend our state.

Remember how it all began on February 24, when many in the world did not even believe that Ukraine would be able to withstand a full-scale war. Was that so? It was.

And why was that so? Not because all these people who doubted were equally mistaken when assessing the potential of our state. But because many of them did not even begin to assess. Many of them simply did not want to take Ukraine into account. There was no such habit - to take Ukraine into account. Although they have a habit of taking Russia into account.

Even when there are no objective reasons for this.

It is convenient for them. And really habitual. Often very profitable. Calling certain Russian politicians "Dostoevsky's heroes", as if it serves as an excuse for them. Talking about the alleged historical sphere of influence of Russia. And about the alleged balance in relations in Europe, which is allegedly impossible without Russia.

No matter what the Russian state does, there is always someone who says: let's take its interests into account. This year in Davos it was heard again. Despite thousands of Russian missiles hitting Ukraine. Despite tens of thousands of Ukrainians killed. Despite Bucha and Mariupol, etc. Despite the destroyed cities. And despite the "filtration camps" built by the Russian state, in which they kill, torture, rape and humiliate like on a conveyor belt. Russia has done all this in Europe.

26.05.2022, 00:10
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