Ukraine appreciates people, saves people – these are fundamental rules – address by President


Today, I will also begin my address with a message about what happened in Türkiye.

Finally, we managed to organize a meeting of our boys, commanders from "Azovstal", with their relatives. The meeting is in Türkiye, where our warriors stay in accordance with the agreement on their release.

They are completely safe – with the guarantees of President of Türkiye Erdoğan. They are provided with proper conditions. And now they can see their relatives.

They have not seen each other for many months. And now I thank everyone who made it possible for them to be with their families again.

And we will do everything to make such a meeting possible for the families of all Ukrainians who are still in Russian captivity one day – a meeting with their relatives.

Ukraine appreciates people. Saves people. And helps all those who need help. These are fundamental rules for our state. And it will always be so.

04.10.2022, 00:41
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