Denys Boiko: “Primary rehabilitation is going well”

Denys Boiko: “Primary rehabilitation is going well”

FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Denys Boiko, who got his cruciate ligament injured in the UPL matchday 6 game against FC Rukh Lviv and had surgery afterwards, has told about his recovery and recent performances of the team:

- Denys, is this the first serious injury in your career?

- I also had a tough one as I injured my back and it took me 2-3 months to recover, but I guess this one is the most serious.

- When recalling that episode, do you think you could avoid this injury?

- Of course, I could. If I knew I would get so badly injured, I would have acted differently in that episode. I could send the ball over the bar and give opponents a corner. I wanted to catch the ball to maintain possession and I did, but then I got injured. Now I need to move on with recovery.

- How did you take the field in the second half having such injury?

- I heard insignificant but peculiar crunch in the knee right away and understood what happened. Of course, I tried to stay positive. After the first half I talked to doctors and Lucescu. We decided that if I feel worse, I would ask for a substitution. During the break I was feeling more or less fine. When I got my MRI done, it turned out the ligament wasn’t completely torn, but still this kind of injury demands surgery.

I took the field in the second half, but eventually asked for a substitution. I could continue the game, but the score was only 1:0 and I didn’t wasn’t to mess things up for my team.

- How was the surgery?

- It was okay. So far, I’m at primary rehabilitation stage and it’s going well.

- When will the full-scale rehabilitation start?

- I guess in 2-3 weeks. At first, I’ll be doing it in Barcelona, under the guidance of the doctor, who performed the surgery. After they remove the stitches, the major part of rehabilitation process will start. In total it will take at least six months.

- Dynamo are currently going through tough period. What would you like to tell fans, who keep supporting the team?

- I want to tell true fans that lately we’ve been really demonstrating poor results. This is tough for us. First of all, I hope that each fan, who loves this team and believes in it, will keep supporting us. We don’t have a single player, who doesn’t care.

We all care about what’s going on. It’s a really difficult period, but we must go through it mentally, individually and as a team.

We must cope with that with a help of our supporters and reach the level everyone expects from us. This takes time. One should believe in players, team and the coaching staff. Believe me, Lucescu and his assistant coaches are doing the best they can.

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