Denys Popov: “We focus on reconditioning and preparations”

Denys Popov: “We focus on reconditioning and preparations”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Denys Popov has told about preparations for the game against FC Zoria Luhansk and shared some personal news:

- Have emotions settled after the game against Vorskla? How are you getting ready for the next game?

- Yes, we switched right after the game. There were lasting air raid alerts, but we don’t have time to think of that. We’re feeling positive as we won the previous match.

- Dynamo will play the postponed game against Zoria on Thursday. Does the tight schedule impact your training process?

- Sure, it does as we have less time to recondition and get ready. That’s why the exercise load has been slightly decreased.

- What’s your training schedule like? What do you mostly focus on?

- We’re having one session a day and mostly focus on reconditioning.

- What was your session about today?

- We practiced certain defensive issues. Nothing extraordinary, just a bit more time with the ball.

- You finished the session a bit in advance today. How come?

- I’ll still go to the gym to do some extra work with physical trainer.