Kostiantyn Vivcharenko: “We’ll fight and aim to win right off”

Kostiantyn Vivcharenko: “We’ll fight and aim to win right off”

After the session at the training ground in Vita-Lytovska, FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Kostiantyn Vivcharenko shared his expectations of the season start.

- How do you feel being back to Kyiv?

- It had been a month and a half since we were home, at our training ground, so I’m really happy.

- Congratulations on the decent performance at the U21 Euro-2023. How hard was it to get into the training process after such brief rest?

- Guys who came to the training camp earlier were in better shape, so it was harder for us.

- What are your general impressions of the Euro-2023?

- Those are incredible emotions as we’ve qualified for the Olympics for the first time ever. I’m proud to be Ukrainian and represent our national team.

- Did you feel the Ukrainian fans’ support?

- Sure, there were quite a lot of them. I would like to thank everyone for support. We did our best.

- The first match of the season is less than in a week. Are you and the team ready?

- I guess the team is ready. We’ve got a few more days. We’ll fight and aim to win right off.

- Dynamo faced different opponents at the training camp. Were there any teams that can be compared with the UPL sides? What kind of experience did you gain?

- Any game against any team is a certain experience. But there’s no use comparing those with Ukrainian clubs.

- Dynamo first UPL opponent of the season are FC Mynai. What do you think of this team, considering the previous season?

- They play defensively and use counterattacks. We’ll try to move faster and score the early opener.

- Dynamo are about to start the euro cups campaign, so the schedule will be tight. How do you get ready for that?

- We’re going to have to travel a lot, so we must be ready both physically and mentally.

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