Vladyslav Dubinchak: “When we play three center backs, I have more freedom of action”

Vladyslav Dubinchak: “When we play three center backs, I have more freedom of action”

After the win against FC Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih (3:1) FC Dynamo Kyiv left back Vladyslav Dubinchak told about the atmosphere in the team, tactical changes and his debut goal for the club.

- It was a nice open game today as neither us nor Kryvbas needed anything in terms of the league table. I guess it was an interesting match for fans. Besides, we tried new tactics out in the first half.

- Did your functions change when the team played three center backs?

- Personally I like this kind of state of things. When we play three defenders, I have more freedom of action.

- Did things work out for you with this formation?

- Of course there were some misunderstandings as we had different tactics throughout the season. There were gaps in the midfield and counterattacks in both directions. If we want to keep using this formation, we need to work on it.

- You’ve scored your first goal for the club. What do you think of that?

- I’m having a tough time as I don’t play a lot, so this goal is very important to me. It will help me mentally.

- Did things get easier when the team switched to usual formation?

- Sure as we’ve got used to it and know what to do under this formation.

- After the game there was an act dedicated to fallen fans. How important is that?

- I think it’s extremely important. We pay tribute to our warriors, it’s all due to them. We’re incredibly grateful. They do much harder job than the rest of us.

- The end of the season – is it good or bad news for you?

- I’ve had a tough half a year as I didn’t play much. Now I want to start over and prove I deserve the starting spot. As for the last game of the season, I guess we’ll play nice open football for fans.

- Internationals will be let to skip this game. How will that impact the atmosphere on the team?

- I really think they need some rest, so it’s not a big deal. I guess other guys will have a chance to play. I don’t think they’re worse.

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