Volodymyr Shepelev: “What I want is to win!”

Volodymyr Shepelev: “What I want is to win!”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Volodymyr Shepelev did an interview after the training session on Wednesday, March 29.

- Today you worked out at the new gym again. What do you think of it?

- The gym is really great. We have two physical trainers, who tell us what to do there. There’s some equipment we didn’t have before. I like that!

- Do you get tired when the team has a session after the work-out?

- Sure, it’s like a training camp. Usually we don’t do that during the season, but as far as we currently play once a week we have time to exercise.

- Dynamo next opponent are FC Lviv. How do you approach this game considering that you lost the previous one?

- We don’t have any attitude issues. We just didn’t expect things would be like that in domestic league. We lost the first game and then another one. Thus you start thinking, looking for reasons. You try to fix that, but when you fail, things get tough.

- Still do you agree that Dynamo goal is to have a winning streak and improve the situation in the league table?

- Sure, we aim to do the best we can in every game remaining. Our goal is to perform in euro cups, feature in the Champions League. I think we can fight for that.

- This season you got a competitor in your position – Justin Lonwijk. What do you think of him?

- That’s a natural competition. I can be a supporting midfielder, attacking one or a winger. I always do my best in every position.

- What is Justin better at than you?

- That’s up to the coach to say. That’s not too important. What matters now is to win. That’s my major football wish.

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