Volodymyr Shepelev: “Pivaric is like Neymar at this training camp!”

Volodymyr Shepelev: “Pivaric is like Neymar at this training camp!”

- Volodymyr, what do you think of the game?

- First of all Dynamo Brest are champions of their country. Such teams always aim to demonstrate their best football. Still I think we’ve won deservedly.

- The head coach wants midfielders and wingers to fulfill significant amount of work. What’s that about?

- Halfbacks always run more than the rest. They have to participate both in defensive and attacking actions.

- Pivaric has proved he can be a decent striker. What do you think of his brace?

- Pivaric is like Neymar at this training camp! He does a very good job in his position. I hope he’ll keep scoring.

- It seems that wingers often shift towards the center…

- Yes, they mostly act in the midfield and leave wings for laterals.

- How difficult is it to play friendly matches considering two training sessions a day you have?

- We play 45 minutes each. Of course it’s difficult to play after the exercise load.

- The first training camp is almost over. What do you think of physical conditions of the team?

- I think we’re ready. In the morning we had a training session and in the afternoon we played a match and demonstrated decent motion.

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