Yuriy Semin: Players make easy things complicated

Yuriy Semin: Players make easy things complicated

Dynamo vs. Zorya. Yuriy Semin’s post-match press conference

- I liked the first half, with its good combinations and interesting goals. What I did not like, however, is an inefficient finish of our attacks, when the players lacked concentration. Anyway, we are content with the positive outcome and now have to move on.

- Do you keep players up to date about Shakhar’s results before the game?

- I do not do that as it is their own game my guys should focus heir minds on. Anyway, they get to know the results themselves, I believe.

- In your opinion, have Zorya earned to avoid relegation, as based on today’s performance?

- Yes. The team has some good players on the roster, possesses a decent stadium and pitch. They are able to remain in the top division.

- As an attack gets to a final strike, one may get an impression footballers try to show off…

- I could not agree more. Players oftentimes make easy things complicated. Which is wrong, for football is a simple game.

- Dynamo will be staging their first ever open training run at the Dynamo Stadium. Have you practiced something similar before?

- I am all in favor of conducting such events. Player scan not be kept apart from their supporters, for whom they actually play football. We want our fans to come to the stadium and have a blast.


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